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    Critical Biography King by David Lewis

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    In five pages Lewis's biography is reviewed with the civil rights movement also a focus of discussion. There is 1 bibliographic source cited.

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    last minutes making some person well, or if the person were a pastor might he not spend his last minutes in an attempt to win one last soul to his  side? Such is the case of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who in the last two weeks of his life met with David L. Lewis and asked him to write  a biography about his life. No doubt King had other reasons, beside his own impending death, for inviting Mr. Lewis to his home to speak of the matter of a  biography, but one can be certain, as a pastor and as a critical leader in the civil rights movement, he knew that he was a part of making history and  wanted to assure that, that history didnt fade into the dark as so many others had. Lewis did write the biography, though he would do it without benefit of live  interview from his subject. Two weeks after Lewis visited King, King was assassinated as he stood on a hotel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee. Lewis began work on the book  shortly thereafter. By his own account, when he met Dr. King, he had decided that King was not that impressive a character and wondered whether he would make good material  and sufficient material for a book. Despite his earlier assessment of King, Lewis did decide to write the book. It would be a journey that would leave Lewis changed and  opened his eyes to the reality of being black, both from a collective sense and in a personal sense, in America. The book King: A Critical Biography was finished almost  a year after Dr. Kings death and was released in 1970. The book covers mostly that part of Kings life that help the reader to understand King as a man 

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