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    Critique of a Survey Study

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    A 3 page research paper that summarizes and analyzing an educational research article that utilizes a survey study. The writer points out the ways in which this study shows the utility of this research method. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    of primary school teachers working in Cyprus. The aims of this cross-sectional study were to investigate the relationship between "burnout, personality characteristics and job stressors" within this practice location (Kokkinos,  2007, p. 229). The study also sought to establish the relative impact of three variables that are known to affect burnout: "emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced personal accomplishment" (Kokkinos, 2007,  p. 229). Below is a brief summation of the major aspects of this survey methodology that was employed by this researcher. Population: The sample population used for this survey  study consisted of primary school teachers (79.3 percent women; 20.7 percent men), which was proportionately stratified to represent all regions of Cyprus. The teachers ages ranged from 21 to 59  years, with teaching experience form 1 to 39 years (Kokkinos, 2007). Sampling procedure: The surveys were delivered by courier to the schools and distributed at faculty meetings. Return mail  envelopes were provided and the respondents were assured by a cover letter that their "anonymity and confidentiality" would be respected (Kokkinos, 2007, p. 232). Size of the sample: One  thousand surveys and response kits were prepared and delivered to the schools. Size of the population: 447 primary school teachers responded. Response rate: 44.7 percent. The teacher-respondents  completed the study instruments, which measured both personality and work-related stressors that are associated with burnout stressors in education literature. The results indicated that there was a positive correlation between  managing student misbehavior and time constraints that was found to "systematically predict dimensions of burnout" (Kokkinos, 2007, p. 229). Based on the results, the researcher concludes that the individual  characteristics of the teacher, in addition to job related stressors, should definitely be considered when studying burnout phenomenon and crafting public policy that is designed to address this issue. The 

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