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    Cuban Artist Paul Sierra

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    In five pages this paper discusses Cuban artist Paul Sierra's background, inspirations, and style. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    More Information on This Paper, Please Cuban artists, particularly those who escaped from Fidel Castros communist  regime to the United States, seem to work hard to combine the freedoms they enjoy in America with the oppression they suffered while under the communist rule of Cuba; and  are able to blend these two topics almost to perfection on canvas or any other medium they use. Because of this, the Cuban visual arts technique tends to be expressionism  combined with extraordinary realism, and a great deal of color, angry violent color. The color, in a sense, represents freedom as much as anger - and it also offsets the  drab and weary rule of the dictatorship. One such Cuban artist manages, however, to go beyond the conflict of two men paintings  that many artists like to do, and he combines the idea of nature over humanity and so-called "freedom" over dictatorship. His name is Paul Sierra, and he is an artist  who resides in Chicago, Illinois. Sierras paintings are large, colorful and always seem to be on a continuous search for the reasons of nature and the human condition (Aldo Castillo  Gallery, 2002). The human conditions, his paintings seem to say, tend to be in chains and bound, no matter what country these humans reside in. It is nature, on the  other hand, that soars free (and in many ways it is nature that enslaves mankind). Much of Sierras work is created  in groups or in series of paintings, so attempting to analyze a single painting is difficult. One such "group" of art was Vistas, which contained a series of portraits and 

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