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    Curbing Drug Use in North Idaho

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    This 3 page paper explores the drug problem in the region and makes a proposal. The proposal is to use drug testing in schools. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    spring of 2005. Of this case, Drumheller (2005) writes: "While the two adult victims did have methamphetamine and marijuana in their systems, according to the autopsy, Watson described them more  as recreational users." One has to stop and wonder about the characterization by this author. While these adults had methamphetamine in their systems, it is minimized. A student writing on  this subject might want to point out that these "recreational users" had children in their care who went missing. Clearly, drug abuse was a problem in this family and when  illicit drug use is problematic, it usually means that there is a problem in the community. After providing a local anecdote, a student writing on this subject should provide  some background information. In the state of Idaho, Mexican drug trafficking is a problem, particularly as it respects cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana ("DEA Briefs in Background," 2006). It is also  noted that the North Idaho panhandle borders Canada, which is an area that is subject to drugs smuggled as well as successful seizures ("DEA Briefs in Background," 2006). Additionally, drug  traffickers also launder the money by using several methods ("DEA Briefs in Background," 2006). The fate of Shasta and Dylan had been frightening. The people in the home that they  were taken from were killed, and one of those individuals was their mother. Yet, one has to wonder whether or not drugs had something to do with allowing the precarious  situation to arise. The anecdote prompts concern as do statistics and information about drug trafficking in Northern Idaho. Certainly, this is a concern for the many parents who worry that  their children will grow up and be attracted to the drugs, or even just experiment and end up battling addiction or in criminal courts. A student writing on this 

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