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    A 15 page paper providing only the methodology and proposal sections of a larger paper addressing airport customer service. The methodology section discusses the nature of action research at length and includes brief discussions of the case study and survey methods of qualitative research that will be employed as well. Includes a table and 3 diagrams. Bibliography lists 11 sources.

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    be visible. Methodology One organization that monitors customers perceptions of air travel in general - airline quality and reliability as well as airport  experiences - notes that though "each sector of product or service may come under a different quality ownership and control ... customers tend to integrate all perceptions ... into one  impression that is linked to the airport as a whole" (Airport Star Ranking, 2005). Thus when assessing customer satisfaction with airport service, it is necessary to address all broad  categories of airport service that travelers can recognize. Assessment will include investigation of customers perceptions of how quickly they can move through security but will not address operational activities  such as air traffic control or equipment servicing activities. The method proposed for the research effort is a multifaceted one that involves several  steps. The first is to establish a baseline, which will be accomplished by surveying a random sample of airport customers while also conducting case study evaluations of existing levels  of customer service. The first action will be that of sharing with various managers (store, ticket counter, baggage claim, ground transport, etc.) results  of the first customer survey and training in elevating customer service quality and customer satisfaction. Customers will be surveyed again to determine whether  there are any changes in customer perception of general airport service. One of the leading precepts of total quality management (TQM) is that of continuous improvement (Deming, 1986); a  guiding principle is that it is always possible to improve to enhance customer satisfaction. A second action will be applied based on the responses gained from the second customer 

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