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    This 6 page paper provides an overview of the theories of D. H. Winnocott and applies them to the view of one case study. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    therapy suggests that there may be more substantial issues that are reflected in problems relative to adjustment and maintaining control in relationships. In his first session, John  noted a number of longstanding problems, including anxiety, panic attacks, depression and anger. Many of these problems seemed exacerbated by interpersonal communications and by his inability to demonstrate clear  communication and assertiveness when dealing with people of authority. These types of characteristics, especially those that lead to anxiety and depression appear, from a Winnicotian perspective, to be linked  to issues in his social development. Winnicotts (1960) Object Relations Theory is based on the primary assertion that each individual develops through  exposure to adequate maternal bonds. Winnicott describes the "good-enough mother," and the necessity of this maternal figure to see her child through what he calls the "psychic space between  the mother and infant" (Robbins 1999a). In short, the mother does not need to be perfect, just good enough to answer the inherent needs and demands of her infant.  For John, his mother appeared in some ways to seem "good enough," though in other ways she seemed to rely on him  too heavily to keep the family together. Placing too much responsibility on young John, especially in terms of the requirement that he cares for his younger sisters and allow  his mother to rest after work, underscores the problems that are facing John in adulthood. Winnicotts (1960) contributions to understanding a  childs psyche is based in the fundamental concept unique to his lifes work: the "good-enough mother." Parenting, according to Winnicotts (1960) theory, represents absolutely everything essential to a childs 

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