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    A 6 page research paper that takes the form of a hypothetical proposal to a school official that argues that a dance curriculum should be included within the auspices of the school's PE department. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    should understand that the writer/tutor did not fully comprehend the requirement pertaining to addressing this proposal to the "appropriate educational official" and presumes that this requirement was covered more fully  in the students class. In writing his or her own paper, the student can address this requirement more fully. Rational for dance inclusion in a PE curriculum Physical education  (PE) is a required and valuable element in the high school curriculum. However, while the lifelong benefits of PE are indisputable, there are many students who feel alienated from sports  and physical activity due to their experience in the typical PE high school class (Richardson and Oslin, 2003). Rather than finding PE beneficial, these students experience decreases in their self-esteem  due their perception of "lack" on their part in fulfilling team expectations. Since not all students have an interest in sports, they find themselves ill-prepared to participate in team sports  at which other students may have the benefit of long familiarity. Therefore, rather than reaping benefits, they find themselves feeling socially inferior and alienated. Nevertheless, physical activity is of such  primary importance to the lives of all individuals that its importance cannot be overstated. Individuals who engage in regular physical activity on a daily basis improve their overall health and  reduce the chances of developing several chronic illness later in life. Regular physical activity reduces the chances of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Yet, despite this fact, nearly half of  all young Americans between the ages of 12 and 21 do no exercise on a regular basis (Richardson and Oslin, 2003). The inclusion of dance within a PE curriculum "opens  the door" for those students who express little or no interest in sports, but still enjoy physical activity to discover an activity that can serve them throughout their lifetimes, as 

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