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    A 7 page paper. Dell continues to gain a larger market share across the world. In this paper, the writer uses information sent from the student in addition to other sources. A short background of the Dell Computer is provided, including a SWOT. The writer then outlines a challenge facing the company, expanding into an Asian country, and makes recommendations for doing so. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    markets and sells third-party peripherals and software (Hoovers, 2001). The companys customer base includes about two-thirds of the companies listed on Fortunes 500 largest American companies. Dell himself  is the youngest CEO of a company ever to earn a ranking on this list. This company is the envy of the industry. It is growing at five times the  industry rate (Dell, 1999). There is no doubt that Michael Dell is a marketing genius, particularly when it comes to E-commerce. Dell knows exactly how to exploit this means of  marketing and sales. Today, Dell is one of the top merchants on the Internet, selling about $35 million worth of computer equipment and accessories every single day. (Burrows, 1999). Dell  himself often studies what is selling, in real-time. This allows him to get a jump on competitors. The company does not stop there, however. It has established direct links  with at least 30 of the companys top suppliers, the result of which is that Dell enjoys "a return-on-invested-capital of 260%--easily four times that of its nearest competitor" (Burrows, 1999).  Challenge To expand, Dell needs to become better positioned in Asia, particularly in China. The company presently has regional headquarters in Singapore to serve the Asia-Pacific market and  in Kawasaki, Japan to serve the Japanese market (Dell, 2001). Dells sales in China increased 87 percent between 1998 and 1997 but with a 2 percent market share, Dell is  still eighth in terms of sales in the country. SWOT Strengths: * Visionary leadership. Dell himself keeps his finger on the pulse, talking with customers to gain insight into  trends before they happen. * Reportedly, the most efficient PC company in the world and is first-to-market with many products. * Delegation of authority allowing talented employees 

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