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    This 18 page paper offers a comprehensive analysis of Delta. Topic headings include an executive summary, mission, values and goals, company background and overview, including a SWOT analysis, products and services, market analysis, including competition, ethical concerns, financial situation and recommendations. 1 Table is included. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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    our habit to follow a students list whenever possible.] Executive Summary Delta Airlines is facing Chapter 11 if they are not able to turn the company around very soon.  Various external environmental factors have contributed to this state of affairs, not the least of which was the aftermath fallout of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Additionally, operational costs continue  to rise at unprecedented rates. There are a number of internal factors impacting the financial stability of the company, such as having the highest paid pilots in the industry who  are unwilling to make any short-term compromises to help the long-term growth and prosperity of the company. The financial situation at Delta is so poor, they have no credit  line and their credit rating is low. The company has taken a number of steps in an attempt to improve their stability, including hedge fuel agreements, laying off thousands of  workers and deferring delivery of aircraft on order. These are not enough, one could say, it is too little too late. The company needs to take aggressive actions beginning  with customers service, such as improving on time arrivals and departures. Following a comprehensive analysis, specific recommendations are offered. Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives The companys mission "is to  be an air carrier with superior customer service that provides air transportation for passengers and cargo, utilizing low-cost carriers and regional jets throughout the United States and around the world"  (Tucker, Vick and Beals, 2003). Obtaining approval for this route is an objective for 2007 (Delta, Awards, 2004). The company writes: "Our vision is for Delta to build on its  traditions and always to meet our customers expectations while taking service to even higher levels of excellence" (Delta Air Lines, 2005). The vision is expressed very simply as "to be 

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