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    This 14 page paper is the proposal for a development of an international airport in the Guizhou province of China. The paper looks at the area and considers the long term viability or the development in terms of the development of demand as well as the organizational structure of the company and the airport and the way 9n which all the stakeholders needs can be satisfied. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    and Cost Control 13 5. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE 15 6. AIRPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 18 7. CONCLUSION 22 REFERENCES 22 Table of Figures Figure 1 Gantt Chart showing schedule of plan, flexibility of jobs and the critical path. 10  Figure 2 Estimate of costs 12 Figure 3 Organizational Structure (Narita, 2006) 15 1. Introduction The development of an airport may be seen as creating many advantages for an area, developing links  with the outside world and creating routes for direct trade in goods and services. The development of an airport where there is already an interest in an area can stimulate  the economy. In order to assess where and how to develop a new airport and the satisfaction of the stakeholder needs, the first stage must be the identification of an  area for the airport development, where there is likely to be demand for such as venture and the ability for it to be both profitable and welcomed. In the  western world there are many local and international airports with skies that are already full and markets that are mature, making it difficult to compete not only in attracting traveller,  but most importantly to attract airlines that will already have contracts with other airports for their services. Therefore we need to look to areas that are currently developing and  in a growth stage, this needs to look at the different aspects of the area, for both outgoing and incoming air traffic. One area where there is a high level  of development is Asia, the economies are developing, and although there are many airlines in the country there is also the potential of the market to grow and in line  with lifecycle models this area is mostly in a growth stage (Kotler, 2003). Locating an area is the first stage. 2. Identifying the Area One area where there is 

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