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    Did Negative Publicity against The AKP During The 2002 Turkish General Elections Help To Secure Their Victory

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    This 17 page paper is proposal and a literature review to consider the hypothesis that the negative publicity campaign carried by the secular press against the Truth and Justice Party (AKP) during the 2002 general elections in Turkey helped the AKP to secure their victory. Te paper gives an online proposal and then carries out a literature review, looking at the position in Turkey and looks at relevant theories, such as the way negative campaigns have been seen in other countries and the value of PR such as that conducted by the AKP. The last few pages are a summary of the sources used in the literature review. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    formed Truth and Justice Party (AKP) was elected and gained a majority in the in the elections and gave the country the first government with a majority rule in many  years, Prior to this there had been a fragmented political situation, governments had been formed by coalition. In any country a coalition government will face many challenges when so many  agreement have to be made in the day to day running of the country. In a country where there has also been economic and social difficulties; inflation into triple figures  at some points and problem with human rights issues, both of which have prevented Turkey attaining the long held goal of entering the European Union, the difficulties of a coalition  government are magnified. This has also left the electorate with a politically uncertain situation due to the fragmentation and any party polling more than 10% of vote gaining representation in  the government. However, looking at the way in which the AKP swept to power there was an atmosphere of change. The situation was very different, In reality there were  few real polices posed and the main mandate that the party gained from the execrate appeared to be based on their moderate message and impression of unity. There had been  a great deal of negative publicity and actions by the competing parties who did not want to loos power, IT may be argued by many that the damage that was  caused by the negative campaigning was actual helpful to the AKP it boosted their campaign showing the opposition in a harsh and politically unacceptable light. When the AKP failed to  undertake the same tactics they separated themselves and became more popular. This leads to the hypothesis that in Turkey the negative publicity campaign carried by the secular press against 

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