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    Different Types of Input and Output Data

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    This 3 page paper examines a variety ot types of input and output data and methodology for accomplishing each. The best way to input a certain type of information and the best way to extract proper output are things discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    not do its job if input is not properly implemented. Of course, input in a variety of areas is challenging. Burger (1988) relays three types of data input devices which  are measurement devices, detection devices and recognition and identification services. Measurement devices determine what the environment is like and a thermometer is a good example of that while detection devices  sense for the presence of things such as a motion detector (1988). Recognition and identification devices are utilized to predetermine attributes of things or use code to describe the  items (1988). A scanner for example will record a bar code of a dress sold at Kohls and the appropriate price will show up on the register display. In  that instance, the bar code ticket and scanner constitute the input design whereas the output is the price itself shown on a display monitor. Other situations demand other types  of devices and procedures to assure that quality data is input. For printed questionnaires, perhaps the best way to do input data is for the participants to fill out the  questionnaires in such a way so that they can be scanned. This is the type of procedure used for standardized tests where number two pencils are utilized to fill in  empty circles. Long documents that have a variety of data will likely have to be reliant on employees who input data. If the documents are very important, higher level  personnel should be entrusted to input the data. If the data is not very important, temporary employees may be utilized on an hourly basis. There will be quality problems with  the method but it is sometimes hard to avoid when inputting unusual data sets. The method is cost effective when used with a large amount of data. It is said 

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