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    Disneyland Paris; The Problems of Euro Disney

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    This 22 page paper is an in-depth look at the cause of the problems at Euro Disney’s theme park report in Paris. The paper uses as PEST analysis and SWOT analysis along with Porters Five Forces model to examine the factors that have influenced the development of Disneyland Paris and create the ongoing problem which have are ongoing. Issues considered included financial arrangements and how these may have biased the decision, the impact of culture clashes and the difficulties caused by the location. The bibliography cites 14 sources.

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    parks wish to convey. The success of the parks in the US and the number of European visitors that enjoyed the facilities when visiting the US as well as the  large sales made by Disney in Europe indicated that the European market was ready for the Disney theme park. There were already some theme parks in the region, however none  of these had the same level of brand recognition, and as such the plan to go ahead with a European project was one which appeared to be flawless on concept.  However, the ideas which were good, many be seen as very flawed, with the decision making process being influenced in an unbalanced way and the running of the  park being marred by cultural differences and economic problems with spiralling costs and clashes with employees and customers. To examine the project and where it went wrong the use  of different analytical tools may be used. The Pest analysis will look at the political, economic, social and technological influences. This will be the major section, as it was these  influences that started a cascade effect which was reflected in other areas, such as the weaknesses suffered in the early years. The company itself will then be examined, looking at  the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats. The final section will look at Porters Five forces model, where the threats from new entrants, existing competitors, the power of suppliers and buyers  and the power of substitutes are considered. 2. PEST Analysis Political The decision to build the park in Paris can be see as  highly political. In total 110 cities all vied for the opportunity to host a Disney theme park (Bakos 96). For a length of time it appeared as if Spain would 

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