• Dissertation Proposal; International Crises and the Socio-Political Impact on the GCC Countries

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    This 3 page paper is a research proposal to develop an understanding of the way in which crises impact socio-political environment inside and between GCC countries and who this may then impact outside of the GCC alliance. The paper outlines the research question, gives a brief methodology and then undertakes a short background literature review. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    a far reaching impact. These change not only as a matter of natural social evolution, but in repose to crises. The region is also diverse with a range of different  values and different moral, ethical and social frameworks. The question of the research is to consider the way in which change may be understood in order to manage the impact  of crises in terms of international relations. The reactions of any state will have a long reach impact and by understanding this the level of volatility may be reduced  and international relations improved and as such the internal situation may also be more stabilised. 2. Methodology There are many crises that take place in this regions. The method of  study will need to look at the historical events that have had a lasting impact, such as both Gulf Wars, the peace talks in Israel and the events which lead  to the oil crises. These can then be classified in terms of the impacts that realised in terms of socio- political results. The develop of these may be mapped for  each event and for each country to trace the ripples outwards, looking first at the internal impact and then at the external impact. The changes traced may include, but not  be limited to the way the media reacts, the government reaction as seen though military capability and placement, the different trading patterns that emerge following crises, and the changes in  public opinion, where this information is available. By comparing the different influences a model may be created in terms of the influences that will be created. This will also  need to draw on the cultural background to the area and the way in which this manifests differently internally to the Middle East and externally to the rest of the 

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