• Dissertation Proposal; The Role of Playgrounds Standards in Traditional Arab Neighbourhoods: Case study Libya

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    This 5 page paper is a research proposal for a student who wants to study to examine and investigate playgrounds standards of the old traditional neighbourhoods. To explore rehabilitation techniques for the existing playgrounds and to develop techniques to establish standards for planning and design of playgrounds that are unique for Libyan society and its’ cultural background responsive to Libyan specific needs. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    for children and the investment which is made in them, both emotional and financial, and as such it is unsurprising that we want to protect that investment in terms of  safety and happiness. In Libya 34% of the population are aged 14 years or under, with male children estimated at 970,026 and female children at female 929,174 (CIA, 2003). This  is a large number of children who face risks everyday in many ways. The provision of playground in Arab states is the result of the love of children and  their cultural inclusion. Therefore playground need to be safe and designed in line with the cultural requirements. The lack of standards in playground development has lead to a wide variety  of provisions, this is a need to should be addressed, not only in terms of safety, but general design and usage. The purpose of this paper is to develop acceptable  standards for the development and refurbishment of play grounds to increase safety and satisfaction of the community with their provision. Whilst there  is the provision for playgrounds for children, with the traditional play equipment, there is also a lack of regulation, in design and in safety, which has results in poor quality  in terms of the level of the provision and also the safety and maintenance of the playgrounds. The purpose of this paper is to identify the way in which these  playground can be rehabilitated in a cost effective manner whilst increasing satisfaction levels and to develop standards which can be used as a framework to create a solid foundation.  Therefore the results will not only have an interest element, but will also have a practical social purpose with the outcome being the 

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