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    Diversity Planning in a Small Business: A Research Proposal

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    This 30 page paper provides an overview of a proposal and the final research study on diversity planning. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    I am submitting the information I have gathered through my research for implementing a new diversity plan at Acme Cleaning. As you know, federal and state laws require  that businesses participate in fair hiring practices and put into place structures for the protection against discrimination both in the workplace structure and in addressing client needs. At the  same time, many small businesses struggle to support or maintain diverse workplaces and address diversity needs in client populations. As a result, diversity training is a valuable tool in  creating a positive view of diversity. There are a wide variety of diversity plans that can be implemented in the workplace. The existing research outlines plans  that are based in administrative initiatives or defined from company-based diversity programs. The existing research focuses primarily on the application of these types of programs for mid-sized and large  corporations, but there remains the need to consider the development and implementation of these plans for small businesses. Small businesses like Acme Cleaning may find that some of these  programs are not as easily applied to small business structures, while others are designed to be applicable across business organizations. Integrating organizational management perspectives with the selection process will  be important to determining the best fit for Acme Cleaning. Though the management of Acme Cleaning has demonstrated a willingness to put into place structural changes to support  diversity in the workplace, there is still room for continued improvement. Effective management systems, improved diversity training and the implementation of a change initiative based on the training models  will be important to the success of this process. Ive spoken with the other employees about their views on diversity training and their perceptions of the impacts 

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