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    Diversity and Women's Studies

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    This paper presents an overview of the curriculum known as women's studies in five pages with the emphasis being on diversity. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    affecting both the empowerment and the exclusion and oppression of women, this interdisciplinary perspective encourages students to critically examine womens roles in society Womens Studies A Womens Studies curriculum is  designed to address the diversity of womens perspectives. Courses are drawn from many disciplines and introduce students to the intellectual, social, political, economic, spiritual, and artistic contributions and experiences of  women in a variety of historical and cultural contexts. As a major concentration within Human Studies, Womens Studies provides students with a critical and interdisciplinary perspective on the social construction  of gender, a firm grounding in the social sciences, and opportunities to bring this perspective to bear in a variety of careers or areas of graduate study. According to Kesselman  (1998) it should be noted that cognitive and problem solving skills, are also stressed in this area of study. Fortunately, we are now moving into the area of how  we think instead of just question whether we do or not. Diverse ways of examining problems lead to creative solutions. Feminism Before it was "politically correct," feminism had a  different meaning that it does today. If a woman asked forty ears ago is this right? Is this fair? Shouldnt this be changed? You dont make men  do this, do you? She would have been frowned upon, and asked, "You arent a feminist are you?" To some the thought appeared more fearful than not having  a bagel shop in their neighborhood. Today it has taken on a different meaning, according to Schniedewind (1998), today we consider the linkage of events and their impact based upon  a persons gender, for example, the feminization of poverty: Households headed by women are more likely to be poor than households headed by men. Households headed by women with children 

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