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    Does Protesting Against the Second Gulf War Undermine the Troops?

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    This 3 page argumentative paper considers those who have protested against the Second Gulf war and considers if these protests demonstrate a lack of support for the troops. The paper argues both sides before coming to a conclusion. The bibliography cites 3 sources.

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    one that is distasteful for a number of reasons. War is accepted by most as having a high price, death of soldiers and civilians as well as the harm it  creates to the political, social and physical infrastructures of the target country. However, after this the different perspectives on war may diverge. For some it is a necessity, for others  it is an evil. The war in Iraq is continuing, therefore arguments regarding whether or not is should take place may be seen as redundant, they cannot stop the  war taking place or prevent the damage that has already occurred. However, the protests have continued, albeit at a lower levels. It has been argued by many that this protest  may be seen as unpatriotic and is a sign of the protestors not supporting the troops fighting the war. If this accusation is levels at those who are against the  war the is likely to be denied. The protestors may state that they are against the action taking place, against the harm is causes and the high cots, not only  in Iraq, but on the allied troops fighting the war. They may even argue that in protesting and wanting the wart to end they are supporting the troops by seeking  to protect their lives and create a scenario where they will not have to fight the war. However, by looking at a definition of the term support, as used in  this context, this is not the definition of supporting actions, which states "To provide for or maintain, by supplying with money or necessities" (Dictionary.com, 2003). Necessity here may be moral  fortitude, goods or even attitude that is expressed through different means. The key here is that it has to be what the troops need. The protestation against the work 

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