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    Drawing and Motivating Public Service Employees

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    This 7 page reflective and research paper looks at how some leadership and entrepreneurship can be applied in the public sector. Research draws upon PSM, including pay, and intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    has changed over the last thirty years due to changes in economic and leadership policies that have affected both the public and private sectors. For example, public offices have had  to tighten their belts, reduce staff, and make other changes similar to the private sector. Another major change has been in the movement from public management practices, which were found  to be ineffective and expensive. These have been replaced by the public administration model. One difference between these two models is that public  management required vast fleets of public transportation with numerous stakeholders and large maintenance facilities. Today, all or part of these services are often contracted out rather than operate as a  division of governments. In this way, private companies, rather than public companies bear the costs of maintenance and replacement. Under the old system,  public service positions used to be a highly sought after jobs because they guaranteed longevity, loyalty, and a favorable pension plan. Today, public service does not offer the same benefits  and, as such, is subject to a great deal of turnover. Not only do full time employees turn over quickly, many government services are also contracted, again with high turnover  rates. In this environment, there is a need to find the biggest and brightest stars at all levels, and once they are  hired, the larger issue is one of retention. Todays public administration research focuses on drawing and motivating workers who have the option of pulling a better salary and more security  in the private sector. Literature Review The advantage of motivating public service workers today 

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