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    Drug Abuse in the Workplace (A Case Study)

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    This 8 page paper addresses several human resource issues by focusing on a hypothetical case study where an employee is found to have a substance abuse problem. The twist is that the individual works in a substance abuse clinic. Several issues are addressed. What course a supervisor should take is discussed. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    become muddled. In a hypothetical situation, an individual named Marla Clark is the Clinical Director of a substance abuse clinic. She has twelve people under her watch and is responsible  for the individual employees work as well as all of their needs as employees of the clinic. The people who work under her are fairly friendly with one another and  are comprised of six young individuals--four women and two men--and six more experienced individuals. The older employees consist of two who are near retirement and the four others are middle  aged females who have families. Half of the employees are counselors and the other half work in an administrative capacity. Thomas Brown, for example, is a substance abuse counselor and  is one of the younger men on staff. He has a Masters degree in counseling and a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Although he has only had the position  for a couple of years, his employee progress reports have been exemplary. With a bright future, this particular employee seems to shine. However, Marla has noticed that this individual has  changed in recent months both in terms of behavior and attitude. Generally speaking, the atmosphere in the workplace is rather congenial, even though the clinic has endured periods of  stress. Still, the counselors and other employees lean on each other whenever the clinic is overbooked and there is a need for comfort. However, in recent days, while the clinic  has been rather slow, Marla has noticed a change in Thomass behavior. He has been late a few times, has used offensive language, and has had also been absent a  lot more than usual. There has been a serious discovery as well, and as it stands, Thomas Brown is in jeopardy of losing his job. After not being 

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