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    Drug Abuse on the Job (Case Study Analysis)

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    This 4 page paper examines a case study about a drug addicted nurse. Suggestions are made in respect to what a coworker is to do. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    for all adults. Of course, the majority of society suggests that there is a moral obligation to make sure that people are treated well in general and provided with help  if a problem develops. Drug addiction has social coasts and so the idea that people are their brothers keepers looms large in the realm of drug abuse. Further, when people  use mind-altering substances on the job, it impedes work and can potentially create dangerous situations. In a hypothetical case study provided by a student, a nurse who is also a  coworker, is using drugs and the writer is supposed to provide an opinion on what to do about it. It seems that if another nurse is abusing drugs or alcohol,  a serious situation presents itself. Because a nurse is in the health care field, his or her proximity to substances is great and allowing a nurse to continue to work  while being a drug or alcohol abuser is detrimental to his or her own wellbeing. That said, the case study suggests that the nurse is using substances on the job.  This creates a very dangerous situation for patients. Suppose she is responsible for administering medications. Will she be tempted to short shrift a patient to keep her own supply  steady? Will she make a mistake and do something wrong as a result of substance abuse? So many things enter the picture that it seems imperative that a co-worker tell  a superior. The primary reason is that the individual will not be able to perform up to par and this can harm patient care, potentially leading to dangerous situations. In  essence, the nurse is endangering the patients. Another reason to tell is that due to the fact that a nurse is using drugs, the hospital could be subject to 

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