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    This 4-page paper offers a proposed thesis about applications of CRM as it pertains to e-commerce. Portions of the proposal include reason for the thesis, literature, methodology and proposed hypothesis. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    in question is entitled: "Business Applications of E-Commerce in Customer Relationship Management: Changing Paradigms and Service Models." In preparing this, well present suggestions for the following sections: reason for the  thesis; hypothesis; prior research; possible research approach/methodology; potential outcomes and importance. Reason Both Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and e-commerce are words that  have infiltrated the corporate culture of today. CRM, in its most basic form, goes beyond mere customer service into the area of actually managing information about customers through software and  other technology. The theory behind CRM is that knowing everything about the customer - from purchases to how many phone calls to the company - will help the company provide  stronger service for the customer, ultimately meaning a stronger bottom line (as a satisfied customer will purchase more and refer friends to the company in question).  E-commerce has also had an impact on sales and CRM - doing business electronically (whether via the Internet, phone or fax) has meant businesses are  dealing in a whole new realm of customer relationships. By the very nature of e-commerce, it seems as though CRM would be a perfect fit.  This is not always the case however - many CRM systems implemented today are failing (Sviokla and Wong, 2003). For one thing, no amount of customer information  will ever lead to controllable customer interaction (Sviokla and Wong, 2003). For another, senior management that implements CRM tends to forget that the employees who are closest to the customers  either dont know how to use CRM - or simply may not want to (Sviokla and Wong, 2003). In addition, in their rush to add CRM to their applications, companies 

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