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    A 5 page overview of the emergence of e-commerce in China. The author of this paper provides a brief overview of the literature to support the contention that both the Chinese government and private industry are getting on the bandwagon in terms of e-commerce in the country. Methodology for the literature review is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources. PPchEcmr.rtf

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    many opportunities around the world. The potentials of e-commerce have particularly strong possibilities in China, the third largest country in the world. E-Commerce is viewed as being of  particular advantage in China because of its size, China encompasses and large expanses of remote and rugged territory. There is also a great deal of environmental diversity within  the country. In the north are subartic regions and in the south are tropical lowlands (Waddle, 1999). The eastern part has fertile plains but deserts prevail in the  west. Because of the size of the country and various environmental types China is considered to have eight major classifications of the regions within the country. The southwestern  part of China incorporates the Tibetan Highlands. The Tibetan Highlands are a wide ranging plateau with the Himalaya Mountains on the south side, the Pamir Mountains on the west  side and the Kunlun on the north. Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, is in the Himalaya Mountain range. The Yangtze and Huang He rivers originate  in Tibet and flow east to reach the Yellow Sea. The climate of Tibet is characterized by extreme cold and continuous drought. Because of these varied conditions and  the remoteness of many parts of China e-commerce has the potential to draw the country together in a means that has never been accomplishable before. E-Commerce is important from  another perspective as well, however. That perspective is the potential of drawing China together with the world. Methods  For the purposes of this paper the more traditional library-based literature search was streamlined by a preliminary online search utilizing the vast resources of the Internet. 

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