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    This 5 page paper answers questions posed by the student to help them understand the case. The paper considers the strategy of E*Trade in 2002, looks at their financial position, undertakes a SWOT analysis and considered potential future strategies. The bibliography cites 2 sources.

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    sectors, such as into banking loans and other finance rather than specialising only in e-trading of stocks. This serves a duel purpose, the recent legislation that has relaxed the finance  and banking regulations mean that this strategy maybe cost effective, allow for cross selling opportunities which may be cost effective marketing and allow for increased business. In addition, the increased  spread of operation also decreases the potential risk or the way in which economic shock in one sector will affect the entire operation. Question 2; In terms of  financial strength the company can be seen as growing in terms of size and revenue, the operating income has recovered from a negative figure in 2001. However, the figures themselves  are not enough to ascertain strength. There needs to be the use of ratios that indicate the performance and strength of figures which can also be considered in terms of  the industry and the sector to gain a more contextual meaning. The P/E ratio is 14.36 meaning that it will take the company this number of years to earn its  worth on the stock market, held against the industry ratio of 15.34 and sector of 15.97 this appear to indicate a level of confidence by the investors regarding the companies  future. This is not a direct indication of strength, but does indicate a market strength. However, with a beta of 3.3 this does indicate it is much higher. However,  the short term of the company does not appear to be as strong as the longer term prospects. Sales may be up by 7.3% on the same quarter last year,  but this does not indicate any real progress as there was economic shock in place this time last year. The liquidity in terms of the current ratio, which are 

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