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    Economic Analysis of India

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    An 8 page research paper that examines the economy of India. Bibliography lists 13 sources.

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    Bay of Bengal and the southern tip is washed by the Indian Ocean. The total area of India is 3,287,263 square kilometers ("Demographic Profile" demo.htm). Unemployment rates : Unemployment  in India has been on the rise. Government statistics show that for the last three years unemployment has grown by more than a million people. In Indias southern Kerala state,  by itself, there are currently four million unemployed out of population of 30 million ("Indian protesters" PG). To protest this, two million communist activists joined hands on May 9 of  this year and formed a human chain that was 800 kilometers long ("Indian protesters" PG). Inflation Rates Due to a lower increase in food prices, the Central Bureau of Statistics  (BPS) reported that inflation in India eased off to 1.26 percent from 2.97 percent in January of this year ("Inflation eases" PG). Inflation in India is still dominated by "cost-push  inflation" rather then "demand-pull inflation" ("Inflation eases" PG). Budi Hikmat, an economist at PT Bahana Securities, has stated that curbing Indian inflation should be done through market structure promotion that  improves the distribution system and encourages consumers not to hoard basic commodities ("Inflation eases" PG). Developments in Science and Technology The most disturbing scientific advancements made by India concern  their testing of nuclear bombs. This development has resulted in sanctions being issued against the Indian government. Recently, the Indian government has expanded on all technological fronts?satellites have been launched  and the Indian software industry has taken off (Prasad 5). Indian software companies are becoming known world-wide for their ability to develop a niche and customer-drive products and services  (Prasad 5). Current technology available (computers, machinery, tools, etc.) If the telecommunications industry is any indication, technology in India is booming. The telecommunication market in India is "poised for 

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