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    Economic Development in Iran and the United Arab Emirates; The Impact of Monetary Policy and Banking Systems; A Dissertation Proposal

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    This 7 page paper is a proposal for studying the impact of monetary policy and the internal banking system on the development in these two countries in order to form a flexible models for developing countries. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    into a successful, growing economy with an increased distribution of wealth that is reflected in the social conditions and wellbeing, id a challenging task. There are many paradigms proposed for  the purpose of transforming an economy. The role of the IMF and the Wold Bank may be seen as two leading lights in this field, aiding with economic development, with  tools that require harsh measures, that have the final aim of development and stability in the economy. Some of the impact that are used to manage an economy are the  monetary policies and the banking system. Aid form the World Bank, which is a development agency, and the short term aid that is available from the International Monetary Fund, which  is not strictly a development agency, will often require changes in these areas of an economy. If we look at countries where there is a drive for economic development,  and has been for some time, then we may be in a better position to judge which tools and measures work in which circumstances. For this we will use the  counties of Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 2 Broad Field of Study There is a history of economic develop that is associated with free trade. The role  of the World Bank and the IMF is well known for aiding development, however, this aid is often controversial. The world Bank will aid development, as well as financial aid  through loans, there are the expertise and measures that seek to modernise an economy with economic reforms. If we consider the mandate of the IMF as expressed by the International  Monetary Funds policy making interim committee, who ha stated financial aid should be as follows; "action to help prevent future financial crises and to resolve them when they occur should 

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