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    Economic Values, Heritage, and Nonheritage Developments

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    In ten pages this paper discusses heritage and nonheritage developments in a consideration of economic value and sociocultural and political perspectives regarding tourist attraction development regeneration projects and local income generation with examples of Leeds' Lowry Centre and Wigan's Wigan Pier Experience. Eleven sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    and tourist attraction known as The Wigan Pier Experience. The eight and a half acre site is pure nostalgia, looking at life in Victorian Wigan, complete with the social problems  as well as the economic realities. Although this type of project has taken place in many other areas in terms of regeneration, it is not to the only type of  project that has been successful. If we look across to Salford, instead of heritage quasi theatre there has been a piece of  non heritage theatre in the form of The Lowry Arts Centre. This was also a regeneration project, however, it was meet with some very different reactions when planned and on  its completion. When we look at the reason for these regeneration projects there are many aspects. However, the economics should be seen  as one of the major driving points. The areas where these projects take place are those where there is both an urban need for a project due to land which  is unused and an area where there is high unemployment. The problems of unemployment are wide ranging not limited to economic impacts, poor areas also tend to suffer from social  problems such as high crime rates and deterioration of the infrastructure, this may also lead to health problems, creating a negative cycle of downward pressures (Haralambos and Holborn, 2000).  This means that the way in which the area develops will not be healthy either mentally or physically. Crime rates will lead to stress on the individuals living in the  area, increasing the poverty and the low levels of trust between residents in the area. The mental health of residents will suffer. This will also have a knock on effect 

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