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    Education Trends of American Women

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    A 3 page research paper that discusses current trends in woman's education in the US. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. Education Trends of American Women by  , October, 2012 -properly! While women were excluded from postsecondary education in American culture in the nineteenth century over  the course of the last thirty, women have gone from below parity with men to surpassing them in terms of educational achievement. Examination of this demographic trend shows that American  women are focused intently on education, which means that this trend is likely to extend into the foreseeable future. This development will, hopefully, make a positive impact on dimensioning the  gap between the wages of men and women, which has been an ongoing concern of social scientists, politicians and media commentators. Forecasters  are predicting that by 2016, women will comprise 60 percent of all student enrolled in institutions of higher learning (Wells, et al, 2011). But, while this prediction is encouraging for  the future of women, enrollment in colleges and universities is not a factor that is uniform across all ethnic/racial groups or social classes, as minority women and women with lower  socioeconomic class origins experience a much larger gender gap in terms of both financial earnings and educational achievement than do their White counterparts or women with higher social class origins  (Wells, et al, 2011). Also, a report published in the ASHE Higher Education Report indicates that while women comprise the largest percentage of college students, in many cases, they frequently  do not receive the same attention in classrooms as men. For example, instructors call on "male student more often than women, asking follow-up questions of men and not women," while 

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