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    This 14 page paper is part of a research proposal to investigate potential ways of improving student performance. The paper is based on the framework provided by the student, looking at the organizational context, stakeholders, external issues and 3 types of research methodology that will be utilized. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    6.2 Method B 11 6.3 Method C 12 References 15 1. Organizational Context Teachers have a challenging job, working with limited resources to educate students which, by the nature of mixed classes, will have  students of differing abilities and interests. The research for this case and take place within a state funded school1 teaching children between the ages of 11 and 16 years of  age, with mixed gender and mixed ability classes. The profile the students is generally reflective of the country as a whole, with  a minimal number of children suffering from any for of learning difficulties and a small number of gifted students. Roughly 40% of the students come from homes where there is  either a single parent or a blended family, and the economic profile of the students is representative of the area, with a mixture of students from middle and working-class families.  The teachers within the school range from two years experience within the school to more than 20 years experience, with the average  tenure being 5.2 years, in line with many schools there is a general bias of female teachers within the teaching staff, making up 70% of the staff. This will be  supported with two administration staff, would be within the organization for the last 10 years, for some terms and maybe the presence of student teachers. 2. Stakeholders  A number of stakeholders need to be considered in the way that the research is design, and the way that any implementation of programs or assessments  that take place. A key area of interest to all stakeholders is the way that the performance of students can be improved. The role of educations is to develop the 

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