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    Edward W. Said's "Covering Islam: How The Media And The Experts Determine How We See The Rest Of The World"

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    5 pages in length. The writer discusses content, methodology, author's attitude and degree of explication as they relate to Said's book. No additional sources cited.

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    According to the author of Covering Islam: How the Media and the Experts Determine How We See the Rest of the World, words are capable of destroying nations and  rebuilding faith. They are eloquent and strong, intimidating and potent. Language serves many purposes but of its many treasured influences, none are as significant as their ability to  free the oppressed - and oppress the free. One might readily acknowledge the fact that it has been documented throughout history how the art of language is instrumental in  bridging gaps, establishing bonds and stabilizing relationships, as well as dissolving unions and destroying entire cultures. Indeed, Said duly demonstrates that there is no power quite like the intensity  of the written word when it comes to the media misrepresentation of Islam. Chapter One in particular addresses the ongoing media prejudice that detrimentally impacts Islamic peoples. Through  his insightful prose, the author chronicles how the media and cultural bias has been a long-term problem that bigotry and prejudice continue to have a healthy existence in contemporary society.1  Said leaves no doubt in the readers mind that the hardship media bias has caused Islamic peoples is immense and far-reaching. II. METHODOLOGY  The authors technique relies upon complementing documented fact with some less than obvious personal opinion and synthesis. By applying this methodology, Said clearly demonstrates how it is  nearly impossible to escape racial stereotypes, for they exist all throughout society. From where do such harmful and often distorted images originate? If one considers the fact  that each person is a product of his own environment, it is easy to see that the influence of his surroundings is critical to forming his racial image. Beginning 

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