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    Effect Of ABA Parent Training Program

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    A 4 page paper that provides a research proposal that will investigate the effect of ABA parent training on their autistic child’s functional behaviors. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    disability in the United States (Ryan et al., 2011). It is estimated that 1 in every 250 children have autism and because of the rising numbers, it is now considered  to be an epidemic (Symon, 2005). Parents feel powerless during the time that the diagnosis is made and decisions are made in terms of interventions to help the child  The DSM-IV-TR manual explains that autism spectrum disorder refers to three developmental disorders, Asperger disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise identifiable, and autism (Faras, Ateeqi and Tidmarsh, 2010). Autism interferes  with normal functional activities in most areas of the childs life. Specific functions affected include verbal and nonverbal communication, cognitive functioning and social interactions ((American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Autistic patients  typically demonstrate repetitive and unusual behaviors (Faras, Ateeqi and Tidmarsh, 2010; Levy, Mandell & Schultz, 2009). Symptoms appear before the age of 3 with symptoms being observed as early as  6 months old. The severity of the symptoms ranges between moderate and severe and symptoms may differ between children Theories Related to Parent Training Research reveals that early  intervention is essential for successful outcomes. Early intervention is better for the child and the family. The autistic childs unusual behaviors result in a great deal of stress in the  family (Meadan, Halle & Ebata, 2010). This stress can lead to poor health, anxiety, depression, and marital discord (Meadan, Halle & Ebata, 2010). One intervention to reduce this stress is  to train parents to deal with their autistic childs symptoms. Many studies have concluded that training parents in specific procedures and techniques improves the childs skills while it improves home  life (Symon, 2005). The most frequent type of training provided to parents is applied behavior analysis (ABA) (Dillenburger et al., 2002). ABA has also been shown to be the most 

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