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    Effective Communication Using Computer Technology for Educators

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    A 10 page paper focusing on leadership theory as a basis for encouraging greater use of computer technology among educators, both in their classes and in communication with each other. The proposal here is that educators attend training sessions addressing the subject of electronic communication, using the Elluminate® program as the meeting space. Aspects of situational, contingency and path-goal leadership theories can apply to this type of situation and should be employed to encourage the greatest degree of interaction between attendees within the web conferencing application. The purpose of these interactions will be to share information, but also to provide “hands on” experience to educators who might be reluctant to seek out new communication technologies on their own. Bibliography lists 11 sources. KSeduCommTech.rtf

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    Despite the level of attention the matter has received over the years, there is still confusion over the differences between management and leadership. The purpose here is to  review leadership theories in preparation for developing approaches contributing to effective communication by educators, using computer technology. Problem Statement There are several meaningful  and useful technology-based educational applications emerging that take the onus off individual educators for incorporating technology into their educational efforts. Many of these emerging technologies - such as web  conferencing - also have the potential of positively contributing to enhance communication between educators. This can be useful in building and retaining a team environment and for furthering the  advance of "best practices" found and developed by individual educators. The problem lies in disseminating this information to educators and encouraging them to  use the technology that is available. The approach proposed here is that educator training occur within the web conferencing atmosphere created by Eluminate(r), revealing the advances that have been  made by conducting training classes within the environment of one of those advances. Leadership Theory There are several sound, applicable leadership theories in  use in todays business environment, all of which are appropriate to specific sets of circumstances. The business environment is that which dictates the path of non-medical technological advance, of  course, so theories important in business also must be recognized by educational institutions. Educators themselves can benefit from the study and application of those theories most closely matching educators  own circumstances. Situational Leadership Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchards Situational Leadership model is a variation of contingency theory and does "not prescribe a 

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