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    Effects Of Technology In The Workplace

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    A 30 page paper that presents a model research study. The writer begins with an introduction that includes a statement of the problem: What are the effects of the use of technology in the workplace? and two hypotheses for the study. The introduction includes the different classifications of "technology." The literature review includes an overview of the effects of technology in the workplace and includes the results of a large study about the American worker. The methodology section includes the selection of participants for the study and explains the type of statistical analysis that would be performed. The findings section reports hypothetical findings from this study, including the acceptance or rejection of the hypotheses. Finally, the writer discusses the findings of this hypothetical study in relation to other literature, limitations and recommendations. 2 appendices include the questionnaire and the results of the questionnaire. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    actual study and do not actual statistical analyses of data that might be obtained through a study. We explain the process of statistical analysis, we even provide mock data for  a hypothetical study but we do not carry through the statistical analysis] CHAPTER 1: STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Technology has a vast number of definitions. For instance, the word  can refer to at least five classes: 1. Technology refers to knowledge, such as the know-how behind technological innovations (Bilton, 2002). 2. Technology refers to activities, in other words,  what people do - their procedures, routines, skills, methods (Bilton, 2002). 3. Technology also refers to processes that begin with a need and end with solutions (Bilton, 2002). 4. Technology  refers to specific objects, such as appliances, instruments, machines, tools, in other words, the physical devises of technical performance (Bilton, 2002). 5. Technology can also be a Sociotechnical System, which  involves the manufacture and use of objects that involve people and objects in combination, working together (Bilton, 2002). Technology in the workplace encompasses all of the foregoing classifications. There  is little doubt that technology has changed the workplace. Consider the objects of technology, such as computers, fax machines, scanners, sophisticated telephone systems and other such devices. Enter any office  and the visitor is most likely to see a computer on every desk. Technology is used in every industry and in nearly all jobs. Technological advances are used in the  manufacturing process of products. It is used to help managers make decisions because software programs can store and access and even analyze a multitude of raw data faster than a  person can do all these things. The Internet expands businesses into the global marketplace. Intranets allow employees in the company to access information in seconds allowing them to provide 

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