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    Elderly Apartment Complex and Problem Solving

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    In five pages this paper discusses how an apartment complex comprised of elderly tenants took action regarding necessary repairs in this problem solving case study. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    using this paper properly! Lexington Club is a small apartment complex for seniors over the age of 55. There are a total of 150 apartments in this complex, which  was opened in December 1999. The office of Lexington is staffed by three women. One is the assistant manager, one is the activities coordinator and one is a leasing  agent. In point of fact, all three are primarily leasing agents with other responsibilities. The assistant managers title is a misnomer because she has added responsibilities but has no authority  for any decisions. The manager of the complex is also the manager of a complex for families, which is located on the same property. Lexington Club is owned by Concord  Management Ltd, a privately held company. Concord owns similar properties in at least twenty cities in four states. Approximately 40 residents have leaks in their apartments. Anytime there is  a sustained rain, i.e., it rains for at least several hours, or when there is a downpour of heavy rain for an hour or longer, these apartments leak. The leaks  come primarily through the walls in all of these units and the ceilings in some. The results include: large sections of wet carpet in two rooms; wet walls; wet ceilings.  The long-term results for some residents have included buckled walls and buckled, cracked portions of the ceilings. Some residents have leaks that also come through the window frames in two  rooms. Each time it rained, between 30 and 40 residents would report the leaks to the office staff, who had no authority beyond contracting with carpet cleaners to come in  and vacuum the water. The carpet cleaners also applied a mold resistant solution to the carpet, to which some tenants had a severe allergic reaction. Large noisy fans were then 

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