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    Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management

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    This 12 page paper explores literature on this subject in depth. It also focuses on how to obtain new information by collecting data. Methodology is explored. A decided lack of information in this field is a complaint that experts generally embrace. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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    and authors have looked at exploratory surveys which dominate the literature. Many of the survey instruments however had not been validated and authors did not mention validation procedures; also, there  has been only scant theoretical development, and only few empirical studies which use hypothesis testing (2001a). In fact, this is a significant complaint of experts in the field. There is  simply not enough information on this subject. Hence, a tradition has not emerged ; at the same time, one can say that ECCRM researchers have utilized a wide variety  of methods and have studied a broad range of subjects (2001a). There is some information. However, the importance of this topic requisites new and credible data. When  investigating Electronic Commerce Customer Relationship Management (ECCRM) there are many things to consider. The status and maturity of ECCRM research is troublesome. It seems that prominent authors in the field  believe that there is a lot of work to do. In part, the fact that there is less than desirable knowledge on this front is attributable to the fact that  e-commerce itself is rather new. Ten years ago, few would be discussing such a subject. At the start of the 1990s, the personal computer was gaining popularity, but was nowhere  near what it is today. In discussing anything related to e-commerce, one has to understand this fact. At a congressional hearing during the late 1990s, it was noted  that e-commerce is indeed changing the world ("Electronic," 1999). And e-commerce is being used in innovative ways to increase business by some companies ("Electronic Commerce: Telecoms," 1999). It was also  noted at the congressional hearing, that the ability to do business over digital networks had already begun to transform the way Americans work, learn, shop and play ("Electronic," 1999). And 

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