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    Elements of a Social Utopia

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    This paper considers the appeal of a utopian society in five pages. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    People seem to toss the word "utopia" around a lot, using it in reference to a state of happiness and contentment. Many people, in fact perhaps all people, search for  utopia in one way or another. We all want to live in a society that is fair, kind, sympathetic, as well as successful. We all want to be content with  the world, unafraid to leave our houses and drive to the city, unafraid of sending our children into the world. In essence, we all want a perfect society, or at  least a society that is safe and comfortable. Of course, we, as human beings, cannot agree on what is perfect, so the world will never be in a state of  utopia. Bearing these realities in mind we present the following paper which examines the different facets of utopia and then presents an illustration of why people would want to live  in utopia. Utopia Many great minds throughout history have argued about utopia, some claiming they could come up with the perfect society. But, some of their notions were  limited and seemed to address some strange elements that almost sound like a system of government, making rules which people need to abide, and making society a clearly structured reality.  Now, while this may have been their notion of utopia it was likely that not many would follow many of these ideals. Such is the nature of utopia in general,  however, for utopia is perhaps different to different people. There are many people who often envision a commune when they imagine utopia, thinking it is a group of people  who all agree to separate to some degree from the government and the society that surrounds them. They find people of a like mind and create what they feel is 

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