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    Emergency Room Expansion

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    This 7 page paper presents a proposal to expand an emergency room in an urban city. The proposal focuses on creating a room to hold patients awaiting admissions. A specific three year plan is outlined. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    to how to alleviate overcrowded emergency rooms in area hospitals, a recommendation for a new waiting room will be offered. This waiting room would be available to those emergent patients  who are waiting admission. In order to present a case study, a fictitious hospital will be created. A hospital called New World Hospital, located in the Borough Park section of  Brooklyn, is the subject of this study. New World has an ample waiting room but slightly short on trauma rooms and staff is stretched thin. The hospital has to find  a way to cope with its growing clientele. It seems that because New World is a new hospital in the area, it has attracted more than its share of people.  It has thus far, since its inception in 1998, enjoyed a good reputation and boasts state of the art facilities. Yet, an established hospital in the area also attracts a  great deal of patients in its own right. II. Problem The problem in this case study, concerning an urban Emergency Room, is one of overcrowding. However, the solution is  rather elusive. Dr. Ronald Wexler, a doctor in Toronto, claims there is no quick fix to resolving the problem of jammed emergency rooms (Lu, 2000). He speaks from experience  and many others have pondered the difficulties of running ERs around the country. In order to eliminate problems, several ideas have been discussed at a board meeting at New  World Hospital. The first suggestion is that the hospital can turn away non-emergent arrivals or try to discourage them from seeking care at that hospital. This works sometimes but one  hospital has already experienced problems with this strategy. A public hospital in Chattanooga called Erlanger Medical Center tried that scheme but it backfired. Ken Conner, the hospitals chief financial 

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