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    Environmental Impacts of Road Transport on Air Quality in the Greater Manchester Region England; A Research Proposal

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    This 15 page paper is a research proposal to assess the environmental impacts of low-cost notation on air quality in the Greater Manchester region. The paper presents an introduction which gives the aims and objectives of the study as well as a justification. The methodology is outlined, including the general approach to the research and an outline of secondary and primary research. The paper then ends with a literature review looking at the position of Greater Manchester and the potential environmental influences caused by road transportation including consideration of the different types of pollution present in transport emissions. The bibliography cites eight sources.

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    to the Area of the Study; Manchester 9 3.2 Road Transport and Air Quality Issues 12 4. Conclusion 16 References 16 1. Introduction In recent  years there has been increasing concerns over a range of health issues. Areas of interest have ranged from diet and lifestyle to environmental pollutants. In many cases there is action  is an individual can undertake to minimise negative health impacts and increase quality-of-life. There are also some errors of concern which need to be considered in a broader context; areas  where the actions of only a single individual will not be able to have an impact on their own well-being and a direct fashion. One of these is the quality  of air. There are many influences on air quality, industrial pollution, personal habits such as smoking and transportation with the use of combustion engine. Some of these may be controllable  by the individual, an person may choose to stop smoking, they may also choose to move at an area where there is a high level of pollution. The latter of  these may not be an option for all individuals. At the same time as increasing interest in health there is also an increasing level of car ownership and a range  of social pressures or changes which are increasing the amount the road transportation is used. These influences have a negative impact on air quality with the release of a large  amount of pollutants into the air. There are also the problems of global warming which have been associated with a large number of pollutants; one of which has been  a combustion engine and its emissions into the environment increasing one of the influences on global warming. Arguably, there are some where there are greater risks when it comes to 

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