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    Ephedra and Heat Stroke: A Research Proposal

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    This 16 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal on the use of ephedra and the issue of heat stroke. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    and Reliability d. Instruments and Data Collection IV. Data Collection/Results V. Discussion/Conclusions Introduction Herbal supplements are considered by some to be a cure all for many different problems,  and most individuals believe that marketed herbal supplements must be safe. In fact, herbal supplements, like vitamins, are considered food products and are not regulated by the Food and  Drug Administration in the same manner that medications are, primarily because these supplements have long been viewed as harmless. Over the course of the last 2 years, though, challenges  have been waged against this notion that herbal supplements like ephedra (ephedrine) are harmless, based on an emerging number of significant health claims. Statement of the Problem In  recent months, reports of an alarming number of individuals who have suffered the ill effects of ephedra (ephedrine) use have reached the mass media. In fact, though, reports of problems  related to ephedra use go back to the mid 1990s, and suggest that the suspicions about the impact of ephedra use may not be unfounded. The connection between ephedra  and heat stroke and the subsequent physiological impacts, which can lead to death, have been documented for almost a decade (See Josefson, 1996). The problem addressed in this  research proposal, then, is the connection between ephedra and heat stroke and the physiological impacts that this herbal supplement has that can cause significant problems and even death. In  understanding the impacts of ephedra, it is beneficial to consider the views presented in the current literature and the impacts that these views have had on ephedra use.  Purpose of the Study The purpose of this proposed study is to consider the existing reports on ephedra use and the physiological impacts of ephedra use, and outline the basic 

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