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    European Perceptions and How They Have Evolved

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    In five pages this paper discusses the perceptions of Europeans an how they evolved from the 12th through 18th centuries with the impact of these perceptions also assessed.

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    outside Europe. This paper is an evaluation of how those opinions began to form and the impact of these perceptions. THE EARLY EUROPEANS The evolution of European perceptions  of the non-European world and the impact of these perceptions on them are based upon the Europeans conquest of new worlds and their quest for religious freedom. The Europeans quest  for religious freedom ultimately turned them into the same tyrants they sought to retreat back in England. It is curious, then, why they would become so restrictive after having  found a new homeland where they were able to openly practice and worship alongside the Native Americans. The Europeans were more than ready to set up a new life  for themselves; they did so with a great deal of enthusiasm and preparation. Yet even though they were fully able to attain their religious freedom prior to expansionism, they  controlled that same right over the Native Americans who saw no reason to have to conform to another religion. Like so many other groups who sought a better life, the  Europeans created a new existence in America different from what they had known in England. In what appears to be a double standard, the Europeans sought religious freedom for themselves  but when they found it, they refused to allow any other religion to exist but their own. The new interpretation of religious freedom set down by them was that  theirs was to be the only type of worship in a new land that offered a great deal of opportunity. The colony - or community, as it was also  known - adopted an attitude of uniformity of religion. Lead by a great many wealthy and powerful people, the Europeans believed they had the right to force their faith upon 

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