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    Evaluation of a Case Study in Respect to the Imposition of a Curfew in a Small City

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    This 6 page paper evaluates the city of Columbia, Missouri and its need for the imposition of a curfew. The concept of curfew is carefully evaluated and a proposal is made. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    as a change agent, and a member of the City Council. The case provided must be evaluated from the perspective of a Council person in downtown first  ward in Columbia, Missouri. The subject is curfew ordinances and what should be done about them. Welsh & Harris (1999) provide models for evaluation. In stage one of  the model, it is thought that the problem should be analyzed by first collecting information. That seems logical. Analyzing the problem, such as looking to see how big it  is, how long it has been present, and so forth can help to provide an enlightened view of the dilemma (1999). The history of the problem in addition to other  dilemmas that might surface must be carefully looked at (1999). In evaluating this problem, facts must be compiled by perhaps interviewing the people in the town as well as reading  local newspapers and compiling information. Is there a problem with curfews in this town? Have teenagers been unruly? What are demographics like? Additionally, other cities should be looked to as  models for evaluation. Is the problem of violence or mischief prevalent in other cities across America? How are Columbias problems similar to, or different from, other regions? First, demographic information  is helpful. In 2001, 22.8% ("Kids," 2001, p.PG) of the population of Boone County, in which Columbia is situated, are children. Of the children in the county, more than a  quarter live in single parent homes. The high school graduation rate is just 76.6% (2001, p.PG) and juvenile law violations per 1,000 is thought to be 93 (2001, p.PG). These  statistics are negative and contributes to the problems of crime and delinquency in Columbia. Therefore, there is a need for change. The history of the problems that Columbia faces is 

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