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    Evaluation of a Proposal for the 2012 Olympics

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    This 6 page paper evaluates a case study in which Robert Moses is given the opportunity to oversee the building implicated for the 2012 Olympics if it were to come to New York City. Many facts from 1950s New York and twenty-first century New York are relayed. The two eras are compared and contrasted. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    New York City. Although much of the information is true, the author rails against Moses for many of his accomplishments but primarily for his traffic ridden roadways. Still, it should  be noted that to many, Robert Moses is looked upon fondly. In order to understand why, one would have to look back in time to the LaGuardia administration. During his  stint as mayor, LaGuardia noticed the deterioration of the parks and appointed Robert Moses to renovate them and make them beautiful once again (Ellis, 1997). Soon after Moses became  park commissioner, he said : "We aim to rebuild New York, saving what is durable, what is salvageable, and what is genuinely historical, and substituting progress for obsolescence" (1997, p.551).  His words ring true as the park project was successful. Not only that, but he would involve technology later on to change highways throughout the state. In any event, the  parks were first on his list and soon they would be works of art. Lion cages in the Central Park Zoo were soon repaired, something that was a danger, and  the rats commonplace in the zoo were taken care of (1997). Clearly, Moses realized that no tourist would visit a rat infested zoo or park, and his influence made the  difference between a deteriorating city to one that would be a tourist magnet. Within the space of two years, Moses increased recreational facilitates by approximately 35% (1997, p.551). Playgrounds and  parks sprang up all over the city at a rapid pace (1997). That is the good news. Moses did well. However, when he did construction projects, he perhaps neglected the  nuances and character of the neighborhoods and basically trudged through them without a care. That is the not so good news about the mentality of Robert Moses. In reference to 

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