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    This 5 page research paper is the beginning of a proposal to create a children's ministry. It begins by outlining the problems, challenges and issues confronting children and adolescents, and then proposes a mission statement for a children's ministry that would address these issues. A literature review is then offered that supports these points. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    the countrys elementary schools, 45 percent report that one or more violent crime incidents per year, and 74 percent of middle schools report a similar statistic.1 A recent study indicates  that 20 percent of American youth demonstrate symptoms of psychiatric illness, and research also indicates that millions of American school children are being treated for depression.2 These statistics certainly  do not apply to all children and adolescents, but they are symptomatic of a larger concern, which is the need for moral and spiritual guidance in the lives of American  youth. Through Christian ministry, the problems that derive from a materialistic, secular society can be countered by ensuring that the next generation has a secure relationship with Jesus Christ that  can guide their lives. Scripture tells us that life is a spiritual battle and that the existence of trials and tribulations within life are therefore something to be expected; however,  scripture also relates the promise that following Christian precepts will give individuals the moral and spiritual foundation needed to have righteous, fulfilling lives as servants of Christ.3 Mission Statement In  order to overcome the inherent challenges and problems that are associated with creating an effective childrens ministry, the development of a clear, concise mission statement that establishes a vision of  what the ministry is trying to accomplish is absolutely essential. Dwight Mix, childrens pastor at the Fellowship Bible Church located in Lowell, Arkansas, has commented that "Ministry...travels the road of  relationships," which he interprets to mean that he should ensure that both his staff and volunteers can see the same vision for the childrens ministry and "catch its passion."4 The  mission for this childrens ministry is to aid children in establishing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, as their personal Savior, which will serve as a foundation for their faith 

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