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    Factors Affecting Coping and Interventional Methodologies

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    A 12 page discussion of the various factors influencing coping. The literature is reviewed and a model case is presented. A discussion of contrary cases, related cases, borderline cases and invented cases is included as well. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    manner in which people cope with illness, injury and physical or emotional stress varies in accordance with a number of factors. Illness, injury and physical and emotional stress can  result in a number of complex problems. Two definitions are actually necessary in this discussion, that of suffering and that of coping. As has been noted above, suffering  can occur both in a physiological sense and in an emotional sense. Although the traditional medical nurse might more often deal with the physical aspect of suffering and the  psychiatric nurse with the emotional aspect, nurses should constantly remember that no one form of suffering is more important than the other. The concept of coping is one which  can be defined differently according to the circumstances and the individuals involved. It is also a concept which is directly tied to suffering, either physical suffering or emotional suffering.  Indeed, numerous factors interact to influence both suffering and coping behavior. The literature is replete with examples of treatment regimes and recovery expectations but always at mind must  be individual variation in both physiology, emotion, and manner of dealing. This observation is true in regard to such aspects of patient care as postoperative management as it is  to dealing effectively with those with chronic illnesses or injuries. The Literature  A number of authors have explored the relationships outlined above. Dewar and Lee (2000) present a study designed to explore and describe the manner in  which individuals suffering from chronic illnesses and injuries contend with the circumstances of their lives. The information provided by these authors, although based on research, is almost informal. 

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