• Family Dynamic Case Study

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    This 7 page paper examines the dynamics within a family using Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    Family Dynamic Case Study to use this paper properly, please contact: /aftersale.htm  Introduction Human relationships are complex and ever-changing, and its difficult to describe them in psychological terms using just one theory. However, in this essays well look at one  family in terms of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. Observations of the Family Dynamic I thought the best way to approach this project was to analyze the family dynamic first, and  then see if one psychological theory was more attractive than the others in describing the situation. Obviously no theory is going to match every facet of the scenario exactly,  nor will it cover them all equally, but interestingly enough, all theories can be used. Reading over the case study, I found many issues that could present problem  areas. The family consists of Sue (39), her husband Charlie (41), and their three children Jessica (14), Henri (10) and Jimmy (4). Sues mother (83) has recently come  to live with them and is on a restricted diet. The first thing to note is that Sue is Anglo-Saxon and Charlie is Asian. While cross-cultural and interracial marriages  are becoming more common (a good thing, I think), the difference in cultures could be difficult to overcome. Jimmy models himself after his father, as does his brother Henri,  who enjoys soccer because Charlie was a good player in his day. However, Henri has asthma which interferes with his ability to play and scares some of his classmates.  There are two issues here: Jimmys modeling behavior, and Henris potential isolation. Jessica is a bright child whos doing well in school, but sometimes feels she will never 

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