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    Family Therapy Case Study For Analysis

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    This 11 page paper evaluates a fictitious case study of a woman who has been coping with several issues including alcoholism and child sexual abuse within the immediate family. The case study is relayed, inclusive of a family history, and recommendations for therapy are made. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    a line, todays culture provides numerous case studies of women who are also alcoholics. One fictitious case focuses on Irene who has a substance abuse problem. Her alcoholism is  blatant, not borderline, and this was in part confirmed by the results of the MacAndrew Alcoholism Scale. In providing an evaluation of Irene, it is presumed that the client  comes to the office for therapy. She is unhappy with her present life and does not know why. With much of the material goods she wants, this 35 year old  widow has a new husband and a six year old daughter, in addition to twin teenage girls from a previous marriage. In order to critically evaluate Irenes situation, a  biopsychosocial assessment should be conducted. This is important. The model proposes that illness or disease is actually a result of interacting systems at the cellular, tissue, and organismal levels in  addition to the interpersonal and environmental levels ("Biopsychosocial," 2002). In order to understand Irene as a complete person, all aspects of her physical, mental, social and physiological makeup needs to  be addressed. Irene is a 5 6" blue-eyed woman who weights about 120 pounds, is in relatively good health and only complains of fatigue. She reports that weight has never  been a problem, her blood pressure and routine tests have always been fine, although her cholesterol is slightly elevated at 220, but her doctor has not "made a big deal  of it." Irenes major physical complaint is shortness of breath but no organic reasons have been found. Irene is also three months pregnant. She reports feeling depressed lately, and because  she is having some physical symptoms she believes are psychosomatic, wants to see a therapist and perhaps get some pills. She explains that her friend, Marge, felt the same way 

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