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    Fashion/Culture and Identity: Mullets, Power Ballads and Tab Collars

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    A 3 page paper which examines themes that are relevant to fashion and identity as seen through mullet hair styles, power ballads and tab collars. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    seek their own identity. Fashion has clearly been a very important part of people and their identity, and music is perhaps something more recent in relationship to ones identity with  music becoming something that can be passed along and shared by all people only recently, in relationship to human history. The following paper analyzes three different fashion/cultural elements as they  involve identity. They are the mullet, power ballads, and tab collars. Fashion/Culture and Identity: Mullets, Power Ballads and Tab Collars It should be noted, first off, that the  student requesting this paper mentions that tab collars were popular in the 1970s. In truth it seems that the most powerful relationship that tab collars have, in terms of popular  culture, to the 70s involves the Billy Joel song that mentions tab collars. In this song her refers to going back to the fashion that was tab collars. They were  actually more popular in the 50s and the 60s than they were in the 70s for the 50s and the 60s were a time when more men wore ties than  they did in the 70s. Tab collars kept a mans tie crisply together, and in one place, as the tabs of the collars had buttons that buttoned down onto the  shirt and often had a band that went behind the tie knot, keeping everything crisp and in place. The 70s was not a time, in popular culture, which aimed to  present an image of crisp and clean. In fact the 70s took what was left of the 60s fashion and truly began to relax even more, thus the tab collars  were not popular in the 70s. One could well argue that the elimination of tab collars in the 70s reflected a more relaxed identity for many in popular culture. 

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