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    Feminists Sylvia Plath and Cary Churchill and Their Literary Messages

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    In eight pages Churchill's 'Top Girl' and Plath's 'The Bell Jar' are examined in terms of the personal but differing approaches to social messages that are contained within each of these feminist works. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    of the most prominent women writers of their generation. Each shows a uniqueness which sets her apart from other writers of the time but simultaneously there are definite similarities  in their attitudes toward literature and its cultural role. Each of these womens work is largely directed at the injustices of a patriarchal society. The manner in which  these women deal with those injustices, however, vary considerably. While the poetry of both Rich and Plath has evolved over time, much of it consistently explores societal mores and  norms. Each utilizes their personal experiences to form the basis for political critique. While Plath does so from the individualist perspective, however, Churchill approaches said change from a  societal standpoint. Historically women have been forced into an economic dependence on men. This dependence centered around male authority and the  expected societal hierarchy. Indeed such societal stratification could be justified in one considers the importance of the male traits of assertiveness, combativeness and display in regard to the economic  and political arena in the world. There was a historical sacrifice, therefore, of female qualities for male qualities due to perceived societal need. Plath and Churchill would both  serve as vehicles through which we can not only better understand these injustices but also enact changes to overthrow them. By the time  of Churchill and Plath the dependence and gender hierarchy which had previously been ingrained into societal values was beginning to change. Previous to that century it was simply accepted  as a natural law that females should function in subordinate and often demeaning roles in comparison with men. The writings of these two authors reflected the changes which they 

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