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    First Bank of Miami - Financial Analysis

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    This is a 15 page paper that provides an overview of the First Bank of Miami in terms of financial trends. A SWOT analysis of organizational strengths and weaknesses is also included. Bibliography lists 21 sources.

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    listed below. Citation styles constantly change, and these examples may not contain the most recent updates. First Bank of Miami - Financial Analysis , 10/2010  --properly! Introduction Performing a financial analysis on a bank is qualitatively different from performing a financial analysis on other types  of businesses. This is because the standards that govern banking operations are on the whole rather different from those that drive industries outside of finance. At any given time, a  banks resources tend to be tied up in an ongoing cycle of taking in deposits and loan interests, while dispersing deposited funds towards new loans, which can make it difficult  to analyze the true value of the institution. A thorough and in-depth bank analysis will take into consideration a number of ratios which calculate the tension between the assets  and liabilities of a banking organization, presenting an overall picture of the institutions present market value (Cates, Gandy, Hoffman, Shaw, Steinbarth, & Tebbutt, 2009). This paper will analyze First Bank  of Miamis performance over the last five years, and then present interpretations of those results, as well as a predictive analysis of influential forces affecting the bank in the near  future. History Often, when analyzing the value of a company, it helps to establish the history of that company. This is true as well with banks, wherein  the organizations history can reveal critical influences on future direction, and help to reveal the underlying causes of uncertain or curious trends within the quantitative financial data that too often  takes the majority of focus. That said, let us look at the historical background of First Bank of Miami, as well as their structure from an operational standpoint. The First 

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