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    Focus Plastics: A Case Study

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    12 pages in length. The writer addresses the following issues in a case study of Focus Plastics: competitive strategies; analysis of product mix and lifestyle; improving the forecast of monthly and annual sales; and a memo of improvement. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    the beginning, when the company was in its infancy, the owners demonstrated an inherent ability to overcome whatever marketing boundaries stood in their way to effectively conquer their share --  and more -- of the plastics industry. Indeed, there was an ever-growing demand for such specialized products that Focus Plastics initially provided, ultimately expanding into areas even the original  owners never anticipated becoming involved with. Although their initial aim was to supply industrial products only, the household aspect of the industry proved to be much more advantageous for  their profit margin; as a direct result, the company eventually repositioned its target audience to be the general public. "Our strategic decision to exit industrial products and to concentrate  on the household market has clearly allowed us to build up both our technical expertise and marketing skills; and this is reflected in our impressive results...No-one in the industry can  come anywhere near our sales margin and RONA [return on net assets]" (Chambers, 1996, p. 44). The level of consistency with regard to the internal and external environment remained harmonious,  particularly in relation to the number and magnitude of changes that occurred during the companys tremendous growth period. Linda Fleets acknowledgement of the significant steps taken as a means  by which to infiltrate an already existent market goes to show that perseverance and a belief in ones performance abilities are two components of a winning equation. It was  Fleets contention that if Focus Plastics was not willing to take the considerable chance it ultimately did by producing the color coordinated line -- which incorporated a substantial investment of  capital -- Focus Plastics would never have been able to achieve the success it has because of it. Fleet was astute enough with 

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